Gears of War : Judgment se colle son premier patch

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Petite mise à jour de Gears of War : Judgment qui débloque gratuitement un nouveau mode multijoueur (éxécution) et une nouvelle carte (Haven).

A cela s’ajoute quelques corrections de bugs dont voici la liste exhaustive, via CVG.


  • Various dedicated server improvements.
  • Players no longer get stuck in the main menu background after playing three random matches.
  • Locusts no longer spawn at the second E-Hole on the first wave of Island.
  • Players will no longer get stuck inside of a Boom Shield that has been planted by an enemy player.
  • Players will no longer able to look down the scope with a Markza while holding a Meat Shield.
  • If a Locust destroys an objective at the same time the timer runs out in OverRun using Mercy rules, the match will not end early.
  • Fix for exclamation points not disappearing after viewing an unlocked character.
  • While holding a Meat Shield you will only need to tap B to melee.
  • The Meat Shield will now drop if you switch to the snub.
  • The “Spray and Pray” ribbon can now be earned in the first round.
  • If the Boom Shield is disabled in weapon swap you will no longer see the icon in Tac-Com.
  • You will now earn the Team Savior ribbon for reviving three individual teammates in a single life.
  • Players can no longer chainsaw another player while holding the Boom Shield.
  • Improvements to the Hammer of Dawn targeting.
  • You will now see XP tallies between matches.


Gears of War : Judgment

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Gears of War : Judgment

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Genre : TPS

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Développeur : People Can Fly

Date de sortie : 22/03/2013

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Xbox 360

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03 avr 2013 @ 11:58

quand j’ai payer le vip ils disaient que ca venais avec 6 la compte sur mon season pass ?


03 avr 2013 @ 14:19

Si je ne dis pas de bêtises Kev, elle n’est pas comprise dans les 6 cartes.