Trailer de Styx Master of Shadows et sortie prévue en septembre

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Focus Home Interactive dévoile un trailer pour passer cet été de Styx : Master of Shadows, un jeu d’infiltration issu de l’univers de Of Orcs and Men. On retrouve Styx qui doit tenter de s’emparer du cœur d’un Arbre-monde enfermé au centre d’une immense citadelle : la tour d’Akenash. Le jeu est développé par Cyanide Studio et sa sortie est prévue pour le mois de septembre sur Xbox One, PS4 et PC.

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The goblin Styx shows-off his skills in video !
Styx : Master of Shadows, the infiltration game developed by Cyanide Studio and planned for release on PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and PC in September, today takes a little break from its development to inaugurate its official website with a new video !
This Summer Trailer invites us to follow Styx, the two-century old Goblin whose main occupation is thievery and assassination, as he begins infiltrating the huge Tower of Akenash. It is in this immense tower that is jealously kept hidden by elves, humans and other fantasy creature, the World-Tree and its Heart, source of the precious Amber. This is the final objective of Styx, who today demonstrates a few of his skills and special powers, that will be of great help to make a silent way to his goal.
Also optimized for smartphones and tablets, the website of Styx : Master of Shadows is a treasure-trove of information about the game, its story, gameplay mechanics, and the special skills of Styx, the assassin and thief goblin you will play. All the useful information you may be looking for is within a hands reach throughout the different sections of the website. You will also find a big gallery of screenshots, unseen artwork, as well as videos, among which you’ll find a long gameplay video commented by the developers.
This will be a good opportunity to get a sneak peek at what awaits you in September, when you will start your ascension of the Tower of Akenash !
Styx : Master of Shadows

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Styx : Master of Shadows


Genre : Action/Infiltration

Éditeur : Focus Home Interactive

Développeur : Cyanide Studio

Date de sortie : Septembre 2014

Prévu sur :

Xbox One, Playstation 4, PC Windows